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Custom ERPs designed just for how your business works

Using one-size-fits-all software for your business might seem like a good idea, but it can end up costing you a lot of time and money. Customizing off-the-shelf ERP software seems like a smart move at first, but it can actually slow things down and be less helpful in the long run, especially as your business grows and changes.

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The variety of custom ERP software development services we offer

At Softnue, our proficient team of ERP developers, QA engineers, business analysts, IT consultants, and project managers spare no effort in crafting advanced and dynamic ERP software systems for your business. Our pool of ERP services include:

Consultancy for ERP Systems

Our CRM software centralizes all customer contact information in one place. Effortlessly store and access data about customers, leads, and prospects, including their contact details, purchase history, and preferred communication methods.

Customized ERP Systems

We specialize in delivering customized ERP software development services tailored to businesses of all scopes and industries. Our expertise lies in creating resilient and adaptable business ERP systems, providing crucial data insights across various platforms—web, mobile, and on-premise.

Implementation of ERP Systems

Effective ERP solutions lose value without proper implementation. Our dedicated ERP implementation team adeptly handles the entire deployment of your customized networks, servers, and data management solutions, ensuring data integrity is maintained throughout the process.

ERP System Development

Our skilled professionals utilize top industry tech and programming languages to construct advanced custom ERP applications tailored to your business requirements. We create top-notch ERP applications for web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Support Services

Time spent managing applications takes away from more critical tasks. Our ERP managed service experts consistently monitor, manage, and support your ERP system, identifying, resolving, and preventing issues before they escalate.

Staff Augmentation

Suppose you prefer not to outsource your ERP software development and opt to build the system in-house. What follows? Our ERP staff augmentation service enables you to recruit highly skilled and experienced professionals required to sustain the project's progress.

Advantages of Custom ERP Development Services

Provide customer service

One location for all data

Reporting in detail

A more secure environment

Developing a custom ERP system includes the following modules


The program assists in gathering all financial information and creates easy-to-understand reports. These reports include trial balance details, ledgers, comprehensive balance sheets, and regular financial statements.

HR Management

The software gathers information and produces reports covering employee recruitment, training, professional development, performance evaluations, mediation, and exit interviews.

Inventory Management

This tool generates comprehensive reports by analyzing data related to non-capitalized assets and the stock of goods.

Supply Chain Management

This section of an ERP system generates reports on materials and finances as they move from suppliers to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and finally to consumers.

Crafting a personalized ERP solution designed for your unique business requirements.

For many years, we've been a leading choice in India for developing personalized ERP software. We've successfully provided customized ERP solutions for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries, including healthcare and eCommerce. Our expert ERP software developers in India have worked on a wide range of projects, from mobile ERP apps to cloud-based systems.

  • ERP Management Tools for Business Processes
  • Do you require a robust custom ERP software solution with capabilities that can improve all of your business processes? Yes, we can provide the answer you require.

  • Document Management Software
  • Managing and organizing documents is a difficult task, but our document management software is here to help.

  • Inventory Management Platform
  • Inventory management encompasses a plethora of linked tasks, ranging from accounting to supply chain management, but our system can help you track everything from a single location.

  • Manufacturing Software Development
  • Contact custom ERP development specialists for a custom software solution to obtain control over your internal operations and processes.

  • Human Resources Management
  • We can provide a customized ERP solution that makes headhunting, employee management, real-time reporting, and performance monitoring less stressful.

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